Pay Per Download


Everyone has heard of paying for a download each time you download something, but what about getting paid for uploads or downloads? There are many different websites that have started doing this and it makes for a good little side job when you’re not working or if you just need a little extra cash. On these websites you'll need to register, you know your name, address, email, and of course a password just likes every other website online. What they do is make a wall called an offer wall and for every person that visits your wall and completes an offer or survey you get paid a dollar. Which mean if you get 1000 visitors you get a $1000? It makes for a nice little deal. On downloads you can earn anywhere from 30 cents to 20 dollars depending on the download. These sites are constantly adding more and more advertisers to ensure you get the most amount of money as possible for your files and links. These websites have so many tools to help with all of your needs whether you've been earning money for downloads and links for a while or your just starting out.


There are many different mirror domains with unlimited restrictions to make it easier on you. There are many different payout methods including a quick payout process which usually only takes about 24 hours. There are some master cards that can be issued and they sometimes use global banking transfers, which ever you may choose. When you need a quick little job that pretty much pays you for being online, look for one of these awesome websites and create you an account, download or upload your files, click your links, do some surveys, and earn some money. Do you know of any other website better than that? View more information at pay per download.