Everything About Pay Per Download


Dollar Upload

Dollar Upload is a company that allows people to upload files and content for free. When people upload their content, they are doing so with the intention of receiving money for their files or content. This money is received after visitors download the file or content of the uploader. This money is based on a method called pay per download.

Pay Per Download

The pay per download method is simple and effective. A visitor will take a simple survey. The completion of this survey will unlock the file or content of the uploader, and the uploader will receive money. Most completed surveys give the uploader one dollar. However, there are surveys worth over fifteen dollars, too.


The uploader can choose one out of several payment options. Payments are made on specific days, and there is no mandatory amount the uploader needs to make before receiving his/her money.

Customer Support

Dollar Upload has an amazing customer support team for any uploader having a problem with the system. The representatives of this support team are available seven days a week and all hours of the day. They can be reached online or even by phone. There are also representatives for people of all languages. These representatives are knowledgeable in all the technical areas of Dollar Upload.


People that have used Dollar Upload are very happy with their results. Many of these people have left a review on the main website. These reviews are all positive, and they explain what customers love the most about Dollar Upload and pay per download. These reviews also recommend Dollar Upload to all individuals who have files and content available for the public.

There has not been any negative reviews written about Dollar Upload. All creators of files and content have been paid on time, and there has been no complaints issued against this online establishment, either.